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The "My Dizahyrd & Destined Destination" Visions & Goals book is designed to improve the lives of people. It offers a variety of pages for your Visions, Aspirations, Goals, and Years in Pixel. It also offers worksheets for your To-Do List, Project Planning, and Monthly Budgets. Last but certainly not least, it provides weekly calendar pages to Map Out & Schedule Your Goals in order to succeed. This vision & goals book is FULL OF GREATNESS that can only produce an AMAZING YOU!

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Bizions Workbook is designed to help you focus on the overall visions of your business. It offers vision pages that you treat as a vision board to paste magazine/newspaper cutouts of what you envision for your business. It also offers worksheets for your To-Do List, Project Planning, Agendas, Notes, Goals, Appointments and more. This workbook is FULL OF GREAT TOOLS that can only produce an AMAZING BUSINESS!


The Extraordinary Life Work Planner was designed with all busy people in mind. With this planner you can track your expenses, log your appointments, tasks, events, holidays, as well as birthdays. You're also able to prioritize the most important things in your life and work to get them done within a month. This is the perfect planner for an "On The Go" lifestyle.


The Seeking Guidance Bible Reading Journal provides daily scriptures for you to read the entire bible in one year. It also provides space for you to write journal entries and/or jot down notes about the scriptures you read.


My Motto Manifests My Life is a journal used to manifest your intentions for your life by using your zodiac motto to create affirmations.


The Ask! In Order To Receive Prayer Journal allows you to jot down your prayers and track when and how God answered those prayers. It's amazing to witness how good God is to us.

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